Susan T. Breckenridge

August 28, 2021

Susan T.  Breckenridge,  age 79, died peacefully in her Southpark home on August 28, 2021 surrounded by her husband and her two sons.

Sue is survived by her husband Larry Breckenridge and her sons A.Todd Breckenridge of Chicago, IL and David Breckenridge of Asheville, NC.

Sue was born on August 10th, 1942 in Passaic, New Jersey to mother June Agnes Mowat and father Alan Beresford Todd who was a decorated Brigadier General in the US Army, and served as President Eisenhower’s legal advisor. Sue’s father’s service provided many opportunities for living abroad as a child. 

Sue was a dedicated, influential and beloved community member of Charlotte having spent over 25 years in service here. From 1996 to 2007 Sue was VP of Public Affairs for Time Warner Cable and responsible for community, government and media relations. Following she became VP of Regional Communications for TWC (now Spectrum) and participated in strategic development of government relations. She worked for Governor Pat McCrory and helped institute the partnership between private businesses and educational institutions. From 2017 to 2020 she was the Development Director for the NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation.

Sue served on the Boards and was Chairman of several committees including: Better Business Board, Athletes United for Youth, Women’s Dress For Success, Veterans' Bridge Home, and the Women's InterCultural Exchange.

Sue was an active member of Christ Episcopal Church on Providence Rd in Charlotte.        

A memorial service will be held at a later date due to Covid 19.

In lieu of flowers, please donate in her name to one of the following charities: The Purple Promise Foundation for Melanoma Research, c/o David Hodgkins,  PO Box 790033, Charlotte, NC 28206 or The Victoria A. Bowler Memorial Scholarship, c/o CPCC Foundation, PO Box 35009, Charlotte, NC 28235.

Arrangements are in the care of Kenneth W. Poe Funeral & Cremation Service, 1321 Berkeley Ave., Charlotte, NC; 28204 (704) 641-7606. Online condolences can be shared at

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  • Troy Winterrowd

    I’m imagining such a light and laughter filled reunion with your proud father welcoming his own daughter, quite capable of leading an army, back into his arms. Beautiful.

    I feel deeply blessed that I got to know you in such a short period of time. You made it easy given that you stood so solid and uninhibited in your skin as you -- such a rare gift and accomplishment for any human. Your heart, humor and strength seemed to extend a yard or two in front of you. Congrats on living fully as you! And now we all look forward to you helping us do the same from your new perch nearby, free from the skin that was holding you back these past months. Thank you in advance for that. It is what I ask of my angels and you are now one of them. Again, I consider myself blessed for that.

    I’ll miss matching your sharp witted verbal volleying. I whole heartedly enjoyed that as I can think I’m so clever sometimes...especially after a cocktail. ;-).

    Last, your sons are doing you proud showing both their hearts and their strength. Truth. And you know we will all look after each other.

    Until we meet again...

  • Marilynn Bowler

    Well, my BFF, you pulled one over on me, at last. I wasn't prepared to send you to Heaven quite yet, nor were any of the rest of the army of your family and friends who so dearly love you. During this latest medical challenge you stepped up as no one else could have. Your amazing capacity to find humor and joy while going through treatments and tough moments was so typical of your determination and strength. While you underwent so many issues, you remained calm and thought always of the effect all this was having on others. So typical of you to think of other people before thinking of yourself. All of that demonstrates why you were so incredibly successful in the business world as well as in your personal life. You and Larry raised two of the most superb sons anyone could ask for. They'll carry your legacy - and Larry's - onward because you taught them values and caring and what it means to be kind. You will be missed so, so much but I also know you'll make your presence known in our lives just as surely as if you were right here among us on Earth. Sending you tremendous love.

  • doran byers


  • Moira Quinn

    Sue was a dear friend who had a passion for life, her family and her community. She was wickedly smart and funny. Her early experiences living around the world as the daughter of an important JAG officer influenced her world view and made her an incredibly interesting and compassionate companion and friend. She believed in justice and stood on the side of the angels throughout her life. She and Larry are keeping those angels straight and entertained now! She will be missed by the Fab Five, all of her friends and her family.