Frequently asked questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

Kenneth W. Poe Funeral & Cremation Service has a more personalized approach for every family that we serve. Rather than have you come to our office, we offer to come to your home to discuss plans and learn what is important to you and your loved one.

We will carefully guide you through all aspects of planning the funeral or memorial service with compassion, dignity and respect. We are a locally owned firm without corporate restraints or prices.

Our office is in the Dilworth section of Charlotte at 1321 Berkeley Avenue near Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center. Our state of the art facility provides a comfortable environment for making arrangements as well as preparing your loved one for the services you have selected.

In a hospital, nursing home of other facility:
Provide facility with our contact information and they will notify us. You will receive a phone call from us at an appropriate time.


In home - attended by hospice organization:
Notify your hospice provider. The hospice provider will notify us when they are ready for us to come to the residence.


In home - not attended by hospice organization:
Call 911 and notify the 911 operator that a death has occurred and it is a non-emergency situation. They will send police and medic to the place of death to determine whether the deceased can be removed by the funeral home or must be transported to the Medical Examiner’s facility.

Yes. There may be things that we can advise you of prior to the death that will be helpful. Pre-planning can help relieve the pressure of making all of the plans after the death occurs.

Absolutely to both questions. We encourage making funeral plans in advance. It can reduce the emotional burden of having to make detailed arrangements quickly at a time of sadness, stress and vulnerability and when so many other decisions and arrangements have to be made. Pre-planning also eliminates the financial burden to your family, who may not be prepared for this expense. Funeral decisions made in advance, at a time when everyone is calm and in good health, are more likely to be rational and carefully thought out, than those made in a hurry at a time of distress.

You can also pre-pay for your funeral plans. Your funds are protected so the money will be there when needed. Please let us share the options with you.

Please reach out to us here.