Jacob L. Clontz

Funeral Director

Jacob, a Kannapolis native, began his funeral service career in the late winter of 2015, before leaving for Gupton Jones Mortuary College in Atlanta the following fall. He worked in the funeral business full-time while at school, graduating in Spring 2017. Licensed in Georgia, he remained in Atlanta for several years before returning “home” to the community he grew up in and loved. Now licensed in North Carolina, Jacob is excited to continue practicing funeral service and serving families in the state he was born and raised.

When away from work, he loves grilling, living a healthy and active lifestyle, playing the drums for his local church and most of all laughing and spending time with family and friends.

“I found my passion in mortuary service through the desire to help those in need and comfort families in a time of mourning and sadness. The opportunity to connect with individuals and groups alike, to assist those going through uncomfortable times is what makes it all worthwhile.”

He hopes to never meet a stranger and always gift one with a smile.